In July of 2015, 13 members of the Charles Haskell faculty attended training in South Carolina to explore the concept of Action Based Learning.   This model is based on research which found that putting movement into the classroom actually increases brain activity and improves students’ academic achievement as well as behavior.  This group of teachers came back to Edmond with the desire to put this model in place at our school.

Teachers throughout the building routinely have students pause during instructional time to take part in “Brain Boosters” which include movement.  Emphasis is placed on crossing their mid-lines, both horizontal and vertical.

In addition, two Brain Gyms have been installed in the school which include a variety of equipment that promotes physical activity combined with the development of core muscles and balance.  Charles Haskell was the first school in the Edmond district to put these features in place.

As you walk through the school, you will also notice chairs have been replaced with stability balls in some of the classrooms.  In others, teachers have implemented alternative seating which gives students the choice of sitting in chairs, on stability balls, standing, or even sitting on the floor as they work.

Our Brain Gyms were even featured on the news! 

Student on Brain Gym Equipment       Student on Brain Guy equipment      Student on Balance Board

Our students enjoy their time in the Brain Gym!