Basic Responsibilities:

AM Duty students– Report to school at 8:15am. Please drop off student at cafeteria entrance (north side of school).

PM Duty students– Proceed directly to the cafeteria at 3:30 (or when your teacher dismisses you from class). Your ride should pick you up at 4:05pm.

Specific duties will be assigned and sheets sent home for 1st/3rd Quarter students during Information Night on August 13th (as well as will be posted online).

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Garcia at the school at (726-4202) or at .


Group A

First Quarter- August 16 – October 16 /
Third Quarter- January 6- March 13

AM E. Parkhurst
P. Ingram
R. Brash
B. Goldman
K. Fair-Rhodes
E. Becker
J. Smith
J. Rhodes
B. Terrell
H. Dinh Vy
M. Hamida
P. Park
L. Gonzalez
R. Sheung
S. Tiede
PM A. Miles
B. Thanee
P. Hineline
M. Saeed
K. Nguyen
Both A. Crump
T. Nicholls
A. Clement
C. Cook

Group B

Second Quarter- October 22- December 20 /
Fourth Quarter- March 23- May 22

AM D. Jarjoura
A. Caywood
Z. Thomas
R. Smith
C. Madison
R. Dennis
A. Kizziar
A. McKenzie
C. Peters
N. Deluna-Blaha
D. Jones
J. Sims
I. Battiest
Z. Ahmed
J. Austin
PM L. Bennett
R. Pittman
S. Pittman
K. Pittman
C. Colbert
Both W. Puckett
D. Seji
A. Sinan
K. Whitehead