Family-School Compact
1st Grade
Focus for Student Success

What is a Family-School Compact?

A Family-School Compact for Achievement is an agreement that parents, students, and teachers develop together. It explains how parents and teachers will work together to make sure all students get the support they need to reach and exceed grade level standards.

Effective Compacts:

  • Begin with standards
  • Focus on student learning
  • Respond to school data
  • Define everyone’s responsibilities
  • Depend on us to believe in them and use them!

Jointly Developed:

The parents and staff of Charles Haskell developed this Family-School Compact for achievement. Parents assisted with the suggestions for home activities to support learning and school-wide meetings are held annually to review the  compact.

Parents are welcome to contribute comments at any time.

For more information on this Family-School Compact please contact your child’s teacher.

Our Goals for Student Achievement

Charles Haskell administrators and teachers have studied our student performance data to decide on the most important areas of improvement for our school.

Reading – By the end of the school year, we will advance 10% of 1st graders who scored at-risk or some-risk as measured by the district-wide assessment at the beginning of the year to on-level.

Math –  By the end of the school year, we will  advance 10% of 1st graders who scored at-risk or some-risk as measured by the district-wide assessment at the beginning of the year to on-level.

When teachers, students, and families work together, we CAN achieve our goals!

In the Classroom:

The 1st grade team will work with students and their families to develop students’ reading and math skills. Some of our key connections with families will be:

  • Provide parents with a home learning kit full of engaging activities dealing with reading.
  • Offer Parent Math Nights to focus on developing math skills.
  • Our monthly school newsletter will feature activities families can participate in at home to expose students to various math and reading resources.
  • Our school web page has links to family friendly web sites for improving reading and math skills.

At Home:

  • Read to your children daily for at least 20 minutes.  You can also have them read to you. This develops their fluency.
  • Practice sight word recognition using flashcards and locate sight words in the environment.  Write the words with:
    — sidewalk chalk
    — shaving cream
    — sand
    — magnetic letters
  • Practice number adding and subtracting to 20 to develop math fluency using the same activities listed above.

Family Events:

Back-to-School Night
Reading Night
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Math Night

Communication about Student Learning:

Charles Haskell is committed to regularly communicating with families about children’s learning. Our communication methods with parents may include:

  • Daily or weekly take home folders
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Monthly school newsletters
  • Remind
  • Class DoJo App

Do you have questions about your child’s progress?

Parents may contact their child’s teacher by phone or email. Email addresses are on the school website at .